Must Have Organizers Perfect for Long Car Trips

Long car trips are fun and you should do it whenever you can. Feeling the breeze of fresh air on your cheeks while you bust your favorite tune on a long lonesome highway is liberating, and enjoyable if you know who to tag along. Your trip to nowhere would even be more entertaining and relaxing to say the least if you’ll come prepared and equipped during your trip.

Take the headaches and the hassles that comes with long car trips by getting things organized and having gadgets that will help you do the job for you.


Photo Credit: Odd Gifts via Pinterest

Insulated Car Seat Organizers

Tired of having to clean up the mess that comes after a long car ride? Say goodbye to candy wrappers and soda cans lost underneath your car seats and carpets by having an insulated car seat organizer. Store your lunch, snacks and drinks necessary to keep you full and hydrated during those long car drives. Organize then over the back of your front seats. You’ll have easy access to everything while you enjoy the road. You can later store your empty cans and wrappers inside for easy disposal once you hit your destination.

Automatic Money Counter Cup

If you want to keep loose change in your car, you might want to have an automatic money counter cup especially for long road trips. Be surprised on how much change you have already saved throughout your travels. The large LCD screen displays the total amount you have dropped on the cup. Who knows, you might be able to save enough for a buy take-out food on the fancy restaurant you often see while driving across town.

Head Rests

It’s wise to take turns when driving, especially during long rides. You might also want to bring a few comfortable head rest pillows so that you and the rest of the crew can enjoy a power nap ass you cruise along the highway. Some head rests even come with extra pouches that can double as trash bags for your trips.


Photo Credit: Collections Etc via Pinterest

Electric Coolers

For those long road trips, you might want to consider bringing electric coolers to have plenty of snacks and drinks available for your gang. The unit can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter to keep all your food items and drinks refrigerated. It’s portable and can be pulled out during stops or be brought inside motel rooms in case you decide to rest during your trip to catch some decent sleep.

GPS Tracker

Ditch all those bulky maps and stop pretending to be the best navigator in your group. Simply get a GPS system for your cars and make every travel, less of a hassle by being always on the right path.


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