Love Caffeine? These Are the Places You Need to Be

If you love coffee and enjoys travelling the world, then this article is for you. These cities are known for having the best brews and caffeine infused culture – perfect for long vacations and weekend getaways.

Cafes are becoming the best places to get away from your busy life or to simply enjoy great coffee and treats while staying connected to free WiFi. It has become a hub for conversation and culture both for locals and tourists alike. And while different cities define coffee culture in different ways, these cities happen to be the best among the rest when it comes to coffee and relaxation.


Photo Credit: The Berry via Pinterest

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei people are known for being extremely polite. Thus, you should not be surprised to see chop employees smiling and bowing in unison as you enter the café door. Top Café is one of the best places you should try when it comes to coffee. Located at the northern area of Taipei, you’ll love the offbeat ambiance and the Western-styled neighborhood. It even features a miniature gold-fish filled river in the middle of the café.

You’ll conveniently locate several studios and apartments in the area that are modern but a little bit expensive on the side. Entertainment is also several with the Daán district located nearby and several restaurants along the Tonghua and Shida area.


Photo Credit: Express Melbourne via Pinterest

Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne has a reputation of being among the friendliest cities in Australia. You can enjoy plenty of activities in the city both indoors and outdoors around their friendly villages. Seven Seeds Coffee in the village of Carlton is a place you should not miss to find great coffee, delicious pastries where creative types and coffee lovers relax.

Lusine H.jpg

Photo Credit: Lusine H via Pinterest

Havana, Cuba

Havana, the capital city of Cuba maybe known to be in a seismic economic shift but with the expansion of private enterprises and boom in tourism, locals and neighboring tourists are happy to share their culture and national identity.

Tourists and locals would love to get a sip of the famous “Café Cubana” which features a full-bodied espresso served with sugar that is usually accompanied by a hearty meal. Some restaurants and coffee shops are even known to deliver coffee as you please.

Stay near the apartments in La Habana Vieja alongside the country’s captivating historic buildings to easily locate yourself along the best coffee shops in the area.

Your love for great coffee, delicious dining and captivating culture will definitely be satiated in the streets of these beautiful cities.


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