Check Out My Ride: 2005 Chrysler 300

Call me sentimental but despite being with me for more than a decade, I still dearly love my Chrysler 300. It’s fast, we got a lot of memories together and this has been my travel buddy for almost half of my life.

So to bring honor and to relive memories of my favorite buddy, here’s a short review of my own car, “Mi Amigo.”


What makes my car runs fast? It has an Eibach Pro-Damper kit, R1 Concepts with ceramic brake pads, slotted rotors and runs with an Inertia 3.5 HO camshaft. I so love its Diablosport Predator tuner together with its Universal Air suspension ACCuAir digital self-leveling module. It’s classy and can go from race car to travel car to date car with no effort at all.


While any one aspect of my Chrysler would have it standing out in shows, what really would steal your attention is its 12-inch wide body. A couple of years ago, somebody did a kinda widebody 300, but they only went 12-inch-wide rims on the back. We wanted to blow this thing out of the water and set the bar at another level. With a Dodge Viper Snakeskin Pearl Green mixed with Sublime Green and Black, we have manage to achieve a two tone look avoiding the traditional top and bottom split seen on many 300s. I have maintained its quarter panels cut and extended 6 inches wider, included a few tribal graphics and an airbrushed snakeskin pattern by a close friend artist of mine. I have places vented fully functional fenders with Green LED’s plus 402 motoring molded rear trunk spoiler and taillight lips.


The interiors are as equally stunning and functional as the exterior of my beast machine. I have saved a lot of my salary to be able to afford hand-stitched diamond pattern seats with kick panes in green LED’s. Any girl or even my Mom would also love the look of my fiberglassed rear door panels with green pearl Black Cat Custom gauges. Floor mats are also a must because it is a must to keep my car clean at all times.


I got this car when I was 18. It was a gift from my parents, one of the perks that came together with being an adult. This was the car that I used during my first date. This is the car that I was in when I saw Boggart (my dog) on the pet shop window, and the car that I had when my heart was first broken. This was also the car that I took together with my friends on out first Spring Break Escapade! As sentimental as any car lover would be, I think that I would be keeping this baby for life.


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