5 Hottest Cars from the Last Decade You Might Have Missed

Part of my ride includes cars. In the last decade, we have seen hundreds of new car models roll onto showrooms floors and some even managed to hit the roads, literally. Every single one of these special and stunning cars has been customized by someone in a way, shape or form, but some models really offer something more. Automotive artwork has really managed to break free in these few cars that made a stellar appearance in the last century. Game changes as they are, I have narrowed down a few of the most trending and spectacular cars of the decade.

Cadillac Escalade


Photo Credit: Instagram via Pinterest

When GM slapped a Cadillac badge on a Yukon Denali back in 1998, there is no way they could have known what they were creating. Three generations after, the Escalade has proven that rare ride equally popular in Harlem and the Hamptons – a brassy luxury truck that screams prestige. Big wheels, big beautiful body and hot engines definitely made this one the car of the bosses.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Superior Luxury.jpg

Photo Credit: Superior Luxury via Pinterest

Lamborghini only created nothing more than 4,000 units of this beauty in the car’s nine-year life span. The Lamborghini Murcielago is indeed one of the best looking fast-cars of the decade. It has made an outsized contribution to the automotive world. Although it felt that the car lost a little bit of its stellar after the Aventador got loose, the Murcielago, for most of the decade was one of the most important fast-cars in the market thanks to its low-slung, scissor-doored Murci.

Hummer H2

automoble riekman

Photo Credit: Automobile Riekman via Pinterest

The original Hummer earned its street credibility the hard way; blasting through Baghdad, Mogadishu and Kabul with America’s bravest behind the wheel. This mean machine, the H2 on the other hand was whipped to provide a move livable version of the Hummer for those who wanted something to looked badass. That said, all that space meant there is room not for guns and ammunitions but for audio components perfect for long rides.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

love is speed.jpg

Photo Credit: Love is Speed via Pinterest

With a price tag of more than $300,000, very few will definitely manage to get their hands on the Phantom. However, that did not stop millions from admiring the car from afar. With a grille that looks like the Parthenon and packing the power of an aircraft carrier against a Rolls epitomizes the word, “baller”.



Photo Credit: Instagram via Pinterest

The Maybach may not have been as successful when it comes to sales as Mercedes-Benz expected, the Maybach still managed to prove how insanely popular it is for its audience, most especially the hip-hop industry. Every rapper worth his chains copped a Maybach at some point of their career.


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