Living the Fast Life with Jake

Take a step back. Relax. Feel the breeze on your cheeks. This is life.

But what if you can actually enjoy the breeze not just on your cheek but all over your body as you open your eyes and see the beauty waiting to be discovered around you. Take your car for a ride and hit 60 on a freeway and you’ll understand what I feel. What is life and what more it has to offer.

This is me, Jake Wilcox and I love living the fast life.

I just got tired of being contented and comfortable with what I have. Don’t get me wrong but I love my job in logistics. It gives me the fuel to fund my long-rides and the things that I am passionate about. I love being able to deal with cars and people who loves cars as much as I do. However, there is more to life than work. I want to really enjoy life and live it as much as I could, as much as possible.

This is why I decided to create this blog. I would not want to limit my adventures on and off the road to myself. I want to share it to the world and give people an idea on how beautiful life can really be if you go after it.

Take a ride with me or simply enjoy pages of my life as you read my posts here in The Fast Life.


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